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Social Condo
Use SocialCondo to make your daily life easier.
Book facilities of your community directly
from your phone, tablet or computer.
Save paper with online alerts,
control the owners' guests and a lot more.
Innovation for those
seeking convenience.
With this app for communities, owners and
management can accomplish daily routines with efficiency,
directly from their phones, tablets or computers.

But... What are the benefits
of this app for communities?

The community saves money and
owners are up to date
with all the important information
Online calendar
Access the online calendar
and choose the best day available,
while the manager isn't disturbed in inadequate moments.
Doubts? Suggestions?
SocialCondo is a channel
to speak directly with the community
management, make suggestions
or get informed.
Authorize guests or service
providers to enter your community,
make entrance registration fast
and have a better control.
Minutes? Regulations? Building
standards? Important
documents always available
for all the community.
Share your
Collaborate! Help your community
with debates to propose
improvements and reduce the
duration of meetings.
Delivery Notices
Receive a notice whenever a delivery or order arrives at the concierge of the condominium.
Using this app for communities
reduce significantly
the amount of paper used
for communication in your community.
Save money
Save money and time
reducing manual labor
and paper usage.
Check out what
people are saying
about SocialCondo!
  • "The owners are using and everyone approves SocialCondo, some people say it is the best investment the community could have done. It is an excellent tool!"
    Adriano Piske - Community manager
  • "SocialCondo is essential for the community management. It is very easy to use and the owners of our community love the app. It is very useful and one can access all the important information about the community."
    Patricia Ribieiro - Manager
  • "SocialCondo is very easy to use. It is a tool that organizes the management's activities and allows transparency. The most important features are the alerts, they allow everyone to be up to date, connected or not to the app, through notifications and e-mails, that is wonderful!"
    Tatiana Escobar - Community manager
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